Why choose Enneniana Multiservices?
Enneniana is a young company based in Rome operating in Italy, also offers a service for foreign customers in the contact page because Enneniana Multiservizi is always looking not only to get acquainted throughout the Italian territory but also to export its own work system and to acquire new professional experiences that can only bring about the good of the enterprise.
Over the years Multiservizi has "built" many craftsmen, the aim is to pursue a common purpose, to offer the customer a Multiservizi that meets more than one need.
Many customers have found themselves very well with Enneniana, think about the time they spared our customers who already know how Enneniana Multiservizi works to look for more than one company: for a pipe that loses in a room, cleaning in a building or to crystallize a floor.

Do you have any doubts about Enneniana Multiservizi?
The questions you can ask when you are looking for an enterprise:
"Will she be trustworthy?" "Will she really be a supervisor?" "Are the workers tall?"
Enneniana Multiservizi, when employed in its services, aims at the full satisfaction of the customer by providing them with highly qualified staff and staff, ensuring constant work supervision, using high quality, environmentally friendly products, because respect for the environment and what surrounds us is for Enneniana Multiservices is paramount.
Enneniana is divided into two sectors you can inform yourself on the Cleaning Section or Building Section page to request a free quote!
This is our offer for you, if you are interested and want to ask for a quote without hesitation, Enneniana Multiservizi is always available to carry out small and large assignments, contact us immediately, test it, test our capabilities, so you will have the opportunity to know us better and judge our commitment and our services.



Our Services

Cleaning & Construction,Housekeeping,Cleaning Public and Private Offices,Bank Cleaning,Extraordinary housekeeping and shipyards,High-altitude glass cleaning and solar panels,Disinfecting environment by harassing insects and derating,Cooked, Porphyry and Surface Treatment of All Types, Waxing and Polishing Parquets, Marble, P.V.C. and Linoleum,Washing and Disinfection Carpets, Rugs, Sofas, Curtains,Protective and conservative surface treatments,Sanitary material supply and dispenser installation,Gardening also of large green areas

Many times a large company needs a sub enterprise!
It happens that contractors also choose good companies as subcontractors, but with the passing of time these subcontracting companies want a renewal of the management or staff or because they do not, by sudden closure, seriously disturb the customer, causing disruption or even the total loss of contracts in addition to bad advertising!
Are you in these situations? Can you manage your job anymore or do you intend to change your subcontractor? Your contracts have already delivered you notice of cessation of work, entrust yourself to Enneniana Multiservizi, we try to collect all together!


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Here are our contacts, so you can find us by phone, e-mail or if you like, you can come to our office, so we can talk in person. Not only can you see us personally, but you also have the opportunity to see the products and tools we use to meet our customers' demands. Among the contacts, we have also recently added the possibility of being contacted via chat.

Our Address

Via Nazario Sauro 17 – 00060 (RM) Formello Italy